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What is Culture Atlas

Culture Atlas is a weekly podcast introducing listeners to all 195 countries of our world through the lens of culture, lifestyle and people.

Why was it created? 

This podcast was created with the purpose to connect people from around the world through the sharing of culture, personal lives and stories. The guests you meet and the stories you hear will open up your mind to different ways of living and being, helping us to better understand each other and our world.

The woman behind the podcast 

My name is Sissi (pronounced "cee-cee") and I'm the host and founder of Culture Atlas. A journalist by training based in Toronto, Canada, before this podcast, I was a serious news reporter and radio producer covering national news, business and science & tech. In 2022, I began working on Culture Atlas, putting my vision of a world culture & travel show into life. I love love love to travel as a way to learn about people, cultures and different ways of living. Culture Atlas is where I'll be sharing my learnings about the world with you. 

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